Our simple standard pier cap is shallow in height, and can provide an unobtrusive finish to a pillar if you have ornate railing or don’t want to distract from a colourful garden.

priced in smooth finish , if old finish 15% more

Our most popular sizes are shown below, but please call us if you require something different. We can also produce this as a rectangular pier cap if required.

As with all our pier caps, it is available in our full range of colours and finishes.

All prices shown on our website are the final retail price with VAT already included

Colours & Finishes

Sizes, Options, and Prices

Deep Rough-edged Trough
Length – 1000mm, Width – 600mm, Depth – 600mm


Wide Raised Trough
Length – 1000mm, Width – 600mm, Depth – 250mm

Trough – £134
Legs – £21 each

Deep Trough
Length – 860mm, Width – 500mm, Depth – 560mm


Long Raised Trough
Length – 1800mm, Width – 300mm, Depth – 300mm

Trough – £121
Legs – £19 each

Large Long Trough
Length – 1800mm, Width – 600mm, Depth – 500mm


compact trough

pump extra

Length – 1000mm, Width – 600mm, Depth – 500mm


extra long trough

Length – 2400mm, Width – 500mm, Depth – 550mm