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With its sharp lines and roof like top, the Regency pier cap makes a strong and definite impact to both modern and older properties.

Materials: Available as cast stone
Colours: Available in all colours
Finishes: Available in Smooth & Old Rough Finish
Sizes: Available sizes are shown below
Custom Sizes: We are able to create this product to your exact size – Call us on 01772 600889
Price: All prices shown on our website are the final retail price with VAT already included.

Colours & Finishes

Sizes, Options, and Prices

W D H Cast Stone Smooth Finish PDF CAD
260 260 85 £48.00
390 390 125 £70.00
520 520 160 £141.00
600 600 £177.00

Brick-Size Guide

Two and a half bricks
600mm x 600mm

Two bricks
530mm x 530mm

Old brick size
450mm x 450mm

One and a half bricks
400mm x 400mm

One brick
280mm x 280mm